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The Perfect Snare

by Patricia Lefave, D.D.(P), B.R.P., "The Mystical Madwoman"

"Beyond a certain point there is no return. This point has to be reached. " -- Franz Kafka
The snare is real.

This is for those who are sorting it out; for those who deny they are physically sick; for those who are getting well, despite the well intentioned, yet misguided efforts of psychiatry to stop the process.

We are caught within it because of our expectation of reason from those to whom we relate as equals. This is our error, and the unrecognized star of the drama remains unseen by almost all of the players. He is the Controller/Manipulator, or Con/Man for short.

What do I mean by a snare?
Well, a snare is a circular trap which by design, gets even tighter the more the trapped one struggles to free herself. That's what a psychiatric label did for me. That label is the means by which I was "helped." I carried it with me like a backstage pass, offering me admission to the World on the other side of the Looking Glass. I stepped through it into an alternate reality which is upside down and everything spoken there means the opposite. It is the mirror image of reality. The same events, the same words being used, but not the same at all. This is a reality of Interpretation, and I am not considered to be able to speak the mysterious language.

The trap was created, supported and maintained by a group of dysfunctional people which closed ranks as a response to a stimulus which they perceived as a threat to the group. It was as automatic and instinctive as a herd of animals sensing a predator. A regressive reaction, it was beyond reason. It was created without a moment's thought and was validated by the use of pre-existing, well worn platitudes which were delivered in absolute terms like "always" and "never." This kept the system closed and protected. The language of absolutes, the two universals of Being and Non Being, is the language of the infinite. No meta statements can exist beyond what is infinite.

The dysfunctional group goal was to avoid resolution through mystification. Resolution would mean change. Resolution would mean consequences. No resolution is wanted. The dysfunctional maintain the status quo at all costs and it usually costs a great deal. Such groups prefer the "devil they know."

Few people dealing with this common problem recognize that resolution is not the group goal, because it would not seem logical to be avoiding it. But logic has nothing to do with it. This was, and is, about control; control achieved by means of manipulation. It is a relationship based upon a lower order of mind. It's a pre-programmed response.

The members of the group validated each other and their loyalty to the system without questioning their reasons for doing so. It's pre-programmed.

In groups, most of the members play the role of followers but there is always a controller who understands the system better than most and who is aware of the power of manipulation and what it will do for him. Since dysfunctional systems are based upon the adversarial style of thinking and relating, the Controllers use adversarial strategies to gain control and stay on top. The main feature is the hidden agenda. Those who were most successful at this game did not present themselves as aggressors, but more often as altruistic rescuers and helpers, concerned about my well being. For I was "confused." I didn't understand the value of the system. I was questioning. Clearly if I disagreed with the value of the system, as assessed by the group, the fault must lie within me. In such entrenched dysfunction, no fault can ever be found in the controller or his system. This last statement is the premise from which he operates. His premise and goal rest on the same point. If you understand that, then you understand the Con/Man and nothing he says or does will ever confuse you again. That is the concept (or principle) which sets the stage for his duplicitous game. It is designed to bait the challenger and to cause her to either bend to his will and the will of the group within his system, OR to be contained and/or forced right out of it so that she will never be a threat to him or his system again. The controller manipulates everyone to achieve his goal. That's why I am calling him Con/Man for short, though I am aware that the word "con" is originally shorthand for "confidence," it still applies.

So, to escape the snare it is necessary to know the controller's game. Only then can we make the informed decision not to play it by his rules. The only way to win this game is to refuse to play it, and further, to expose it to the light of day. It is the mystification process which keeps it going.

As the challenger to my own controllers, I had to be invalidated for whatever I thought, said, did, or felt which was in disagreement with the dysfunctional control based paradigm. This was kept up until I fragmented. I was in a system that was threatened by my challenge to it's power. In such a system the challenger of it is invalidated until the threat is nullified. Most people will give up resolution and accept the situation as unresolvable. I was only spurred on by it's arrogance and it's protection of the aggressor.

As the most aware of the Con/Man's agenda, I presented to him as a threat. The majority in the group never became aware of his true agenda. Even though I told them, many times, it was not accepted as "reality." They were too well programmed against seeing it. How far this will go will depend upon the conscience, or lack of one, in the Con/Man, and the understanding or lack of it, in those who blindly, and often naively, follow his direction.

Though the concrete details differ in each case, there is a common denominator for all of us. There is a controller, (at least one) a common language of ambiguous abstract platitudes, emotional manipulations and group pressure. This abstract pattern of the event remains unseen to almost everyone involved because of the covert operations used to hide the reality of the situation. They hide it from the person being pressured and the group members indulge in covert behavior with each other as well.

When I did not know that the version of reality given to me directly, by the masked controller contradicted the version given by him to the group, the reality created could no longer be defined by either side with any clarity. When the group then arbitrarily supported the Con/Man's version of reality, simply because he was a member of their group, and despite evidence to the contrary, I was pressured by the whole group to accept the consensus reality. I resisted that pressure for a very long time before I broke as a result of it.

If you are listening carefully to what I am saying, you should be able to start hearing the "symptoms" of schizophrenia becoming apparent. These "symptoms" are based upon real experience, but are not heard that way by psychiatrists. To psychiatry, they are not a reaction to a real event or group dynamic. They are contained within the identified patient, bubbling up from within our defective brains, chemically, synaptically, genetically out of whack, and unable to perceive "reality" correctly.

So, when, as the identified patient I talked about my experience, and "admitted" I was confused, overwhelmed, in a chaotic situation, being psychologically abused by others, manipulated, smirked at, mocked and ridiculed publicly, the doctor heard "symptoms," just as he was trained to do. Of course he kept that to himself. As the patient, I at first heard the doctor assuring me that he understood. There's the split reality. What the doctor "understood" and what I understood, had no relation to each other. We were, therefore, talking at crossed purposes, neither of us really understanding the other. We were using the same words but I was speaking of my real experience and he was hearing it in the code for crazy in which he had been well trained.

The doctors do not believe this group dynamic exists. They believe we only "say" that it does in order to "seek fame." Seeking fame" is the psychiatric equivalent of the dysfunctional lay groups "seeking attention." For according to their medicalized paradigm, the error can only be found in us. Chaos and confusion is a perfectly predictable result given the circumstances.

How does this happen?
Quite easily actually. While the individual and the group are focused on each other, as the Con/Man intends they should be, they are not focused on him. In fact, often the controller is never even identified as the original cause! His power and control depends upon his remaining unnoticed.

My own controller played both myself and the group off against each other, and he did so very effectively, by manipulating both sides covertly at the same time. The group wouldn't accept the truth from me after I understood it, because it didn't seem "reasonable." It wasn't reasonable. Everyone isn't motivated by reason. The goal of the controller was to be in control of everyone in order to achieve his covert desire. To get his own way. To see himself as always right. To deny any, and all evidence to the contrary.

The Con/Man comes equipped with an arsenal of designer platitudes, delivered in the absolute terms necessary to invalidate all protests or attempts to disagree with him.

The group members, most of whom never had any idea what was really going on between the controller and myself as his target, denied their own participation in the psychological assault. Many were completely unaware of the role they had played in the distortion of "reality." They were also unaware of the effect of their group pressure, caused by their erroneous judgments, on me, being kept in a position of isolation. I was not "allowed" to speak. I was intimidated for the attempt. As a group, they also denied personal responsibility for their behavior because their view of themselves is from the perspective of individuals in relation to me. My perspective was, and still is, that of an individual, in relation to a group, which forced me into isolation, and had defined me as "mentally ill." This is a term which seems to equate to stupid or unconscious. It also seems to give them permission to mock, ridicule or threaten, in response to every attempt to speak about what is actually happening in relation to all of them.

Often, groups like these deny they did anything when asked directly. They appear to be mystified by the whole thing, which isn't an act for many of them. They have been mystified. Since they deny it, psychiatry concludes the nothing happened. Being the ones who actually understand less, does not fit either the controller's nor the group's self image. This is why psychiatrists, covertly interviewing the members of the group, regarding the I.P.'s "reality," often sense the members are sincere. Most of them are sincere. Few recognize the truth about the controller. They often don't even know someone HAS a covert agenda, based on power and control, so as far as they are concerned, nothing happened. For surely fine, upstanding groups of people wouldn't lie? The I.P. only "thinks" something happened since she has a "disease" which causes her! , and everyone else with this so-called disease, to have identical thoughts. Since "nothing" happened, the Identified patient's perception must be defined as delusions, hallucinations, and paranoia. Why, I wonder, do those chemicals, synapsing difficulties, electrical misfires and genes cause the identical thought patterns even though we have all that information available in our brains to misfire upon? Seems a little too coincidental to me. Of course, I'm no scientist. I am on the "confused" side of the mirrored reality.

Anyway, it is then determined that the patient must be seeing things which aren't there, "things" the manipulated group members do not see. The group must be right. Otherwise, she alone would be seeing what IS there, and the group would be failing to see it. We can't allow ourselves to think that is possible, now can we?

The group involved in my case was unaware their obvious behavior was seen clearly by me. I was defined by the group as a lower consciousness, assumed to be stupid or crazy, and then treated "as if" that were so. I was frequently discussed in the third person, while in the group's presence, as if I were an inanimate object. Though at first, I thought these people must be joking, (they tended to smile with high amusement a lot) I later realized this really had nothing at all to do with me. This was a group projection based upon a group consensus. I was not even being included in the story of my own life and experience. It was being manufactured for me, and I was not "allowed" to protest it, or even speak on my own behalf.

Having worked with so-called chronic patients in the hospital, I realized that my story was also their story. At least it was, as an abstract pattern of group dysfunction and denial.

Our biggest problem is not intentional evil coming from the group, though they often appear that way to us and for good reason. It is much more subtle that that and much harder to see, or to cause to be seen. Our biggest problem is the group blindness, resistance, denial, projection, and the worst trait of all...their sincerity! The idiom, "Killing me with kindness" pops into my mind. The group members do not believe it is possible for any of them to be the ones having the perception or behavior problems. They were more successfully mystified than we ever were.

While all of this is occurring between the I.P. and the group members, the controller, who has covertly orchestrated it, remains unseen and often unidentified, by everyone involved. At the end of this orchestrated act, which has generated the group dysfunction, the controller's need to be always right at the expense of others, has been fed, and maintained, through the control of everyone. The threat of exposure has been removed.

As the Identified patient, I was no longer a threat, and was then caught in the perfect snare; a manufactured double bind from which no escape was possible unless I, the psychiatrist, or the group members became aware of the controller and his hidden agenda of domination. That perfect snare was named "schizophrenia." I was given total custody of the group insanity.

Though many people get labeled , "schizophrenic," not all people so labeled have had the same experience with a group. I suspect that many were labeled that way simply because they experienced psychosis. Most of us have the same kind of experience once in psychosis, but psychosis can result from a variety of triggers. Nevertheless, those differences aside, the group event I have just related to you is the means by which many of us receive our psychiatric labels.

The reality of our experience is completely denied and then redefined as "symptoms" proving disease process. Once we have had a psychiatrist define us in such a way, the truth can no longer be told. It is no longer heard. There is no experience more psychologically or emotionally isolating than this one. It is like being rendered completely invisible as a human being and being made totally helpless. Now I don't actually think I am literally invisible, though if you were a psychiatrist you may well "interpret" what I said that way, hearing concrete meaning rather than a metaphor. If psychiatrists shared this experience personally, more of them would understand that our "inappropriate affects," formerly known as the emotional reactions ; fear, anger, frustration and resentment, were produced as perfectly predictable and appropriate responses to stimuli.

A mystery solved creates a whole new picture when seen from within a new framework. As I struggled to free myself from the psycho-spiritual snare, the psychiatrists, friends and some relatives involved in the covert operations tried to talk me out of my struggle to get free. In the patient role, I soon realized all possible escape routes, both physical and metaphysical, were already blocked. The diagnostics had magically transformed them all into "symptoms". I was inside an inescapable maze with no exit. No one asked the vital questions like, "What's wrong?" or "How can I help you?" Psychiatry doesn't ask questions when it believes the answers are already known.

I believe it was Tom Szasz, M.D. who posed the question, "Who is your problem?" It's an important question. Some of us know the answer and some of us don't know. The one caught within this snare doesn't even know she is caught, until long after all the damage is already done and it is too late. She has assumed everyone involved is functioning from a premise of reason or logic, and that is a serious error.

The individual caught is often the most conscious member of a group but, neither she nor the rest of the group are aware of that fact at the time. That lack of awareness can turn reality upside down. If that truth is not seen you have the recipe for psycho-spiritual disaster. If added to that, the most conscious relates to the group members as equals, while the group members relate to the most conscious as superiors to an inferior, the chaos and confusion will grow. From that point on, it gets worse and worse until something "gives."

What usually gives, is the ability of the individual, forced into isolation, under pressure, to identify or maintain a connection to concrete reality. In other words, psychosis. Once the connection to concrete reality is broken, the ego identity fragments.

Since we now live in an age in which no one can ever be blamed for anything, (absolute terms), we have become obliged to explain it all away by manufacturing closed systems like "disease" process to explain and contain the negative results of group judgment and denial. The disease is just what the doctor ordered; literally. It keeps everyone blame free and blind to reality, including the individual so labeled. It is a perfect snare. The disease name chosen is itself full of irony. "Schizophrenia": broken heart, broken soul, split mind. A poetic definition of both the I.P. and the group mind but, with the split mind and it's projection by the group, completely denied. For if it was not denied, the disease theory would seem ludicrous, and if it was seen in that way, how could psychiatry justify it's total control of the identified patient?

Instead, in my own case, the group which performed this act on me, at the direction of my own personal Con/Man, first broke my mind to avoid facing or dealing with the truth about themselves. Then, they broke my heart by showing me they did not care. Last they tried to break my soul when the chose to project their own duplicity onto me, disowning it, and reinventing it, as a disease process contained within me. This made them guiltless in their own minds.

This preexisting pattern of abstract thought, which is the mirror image of reason, (the reversal) exists long before the group event has even begun. This paradigm has been adopted by psychiatry. It assures the psychiatrist's control of the psychotic. This seems reasonable on the surface until you understand that psychiatry is actually reinforcing the brainwashing techniques used to cause the deconstruction of the identified patient's ego identity which was performed on her in the first place! They are not "rescuing" the patient from a disease process, though I have no doubt that 95% of them truly believe they are doing just that.

Basically, everything I said about what happened to me at the hands of one Con/Man, and the group he manipulated, was invalidated as nonsense. Everything I tried to do to resolve it, or anything I felt as a result of my growing awareness of the trap was already predefined as "symptoms" being generated from within, (internal locus, not external)"proving" nothing happened. I only "thought" it did because I was crazy. It's the tautology. In other words, the precipitating event was defined as my "delusions," the attempt to escape, my resistance and denial, my feelings inappropriate and not "real" feelings at all.

During my recovery process, I once told a psychiatrist whom I actually liked as a person, "You folks use the word "thinks" in relation to us as though it were always spoken, or written in quotation marks." "You "think" such and such, do you?" while silently hearing the meaning of our words as "symptoms" in the psychiatrists' well trained minds. Of course most psychiatrists do not openly share their beliefs with the patient. Direct, open communication would be counter productive, so there is a code of silence in place. We patients though, sense, often through a variety of non verbal cues, what sort of thoughts the doctor is not relating to us, because they are on his pathological list of signs and symbols.

Most of us aren't actually the idiots we are supposed to be, though a course of medication may cause us to appear so on the surface. We are often quite intuitive about what is going on chemically, in the head of the psychiatrist. Often we can predict with accuracy his fascinating synapsing patterns. The thing is, in an eerie kind of way, there is a sort of pathology to this imaginary "dis-ease." It's a metaphysical pathology of groupthink. It even has a predictable outcome if you understand the true point of origin…Con/Man.

Since ninety five per cent of the time the point of origin is never seen, psychiatry continues to believe such group events are unreal, and that any pathology exists strictly within the identified patient, with little or no connection at all to external reality. It is little wonder so many of us are driven right out of our hold upon it. It is what makes the imaginary disease incurable. Without understanding the true point of the origin of the chaos, the group "pathology" appears to be random, unconnected and non-existent. The group pattern of dysfunction and denial remains unseen. It is then further kept at bay by the denial of the denial. From there, off we go into infinite resistance, using one statement after another, in the preprogrammed, robot like response pattern, which the identified patient who complains about it can never hope to penetrate.

Talking to psychiatry, and often many other groups who think in this tautology, feels very much like talking to the wall. That's why a lot of us end up in total isolation, completely invisible as the human beings we actually are, literally talking to the walls. There seems a better chance the walls will hear us.

There was nothing more surreal than watching a group of people look for "hidden" meaning in what I was saying, which was simply a straight forward statement of my experience, at the hands of a group of others. I watched them, fascinated and mystified as they talked about me, a few feet away as if I wasn't there, trying to fit me into the paradigm of their belief system. The same people told me, if I "thought people were talking about me", it was a symptom of my "mental illness." From my point of view, I felt non existent to them as a human being.

It's like being the only member of a cult which has locked us all inside, while the leader has convinced all the other loyal members that the doors are locked to protect them all from a terrible unseen danger threatening from outside. The aware one is judged to be paranoid for what she sees which no one else sees. Surely reality must be what the majority has proclaimed it to be. Or is it?

It is the fully conscious recognition of the group error and it's destructive outcome which terrifies the individual, caught within this snare of manufactured madness. It is the terrors produced by the growing awareness that there is no way to escape. This is not caused by a disease of physical pathology but rather a metaphysical "pathology" of group dis-ease which seeks an outlet to blow off the pressure from generations of repression.

As my awareness and fear of the fact that I had become that outlet grew, the need for "treatment" became obvious to those who were observing me as the object of their assessment, and diagnosing me from a safe distance away. They had informed their friends and neighbors of the danger which I represented. The public group hysteria began to grow.

The treatment used is much like that used on animals at large. It becomes necessary for much the same reason. The fight or flight response is engaged by backing the "animal" into a corner and the treatment for the reaction identical...the tranquilizer dart. This is part of the paradox. Does the Humane Society drug the animal because it is out of control, or is the "animal" out of control because our humane society has backed it into a corner? Isn't this much like the way some staff in psychiatric hospitals refer to us when we are caged, frightened and angry? How often have those of you with in patient or residential experience heard that? "It's a real zoo in here today?"

That's just how we feel too. Invisible as human beings, we feel much more like animals locked up in cages, termed "intensive care units", with well meaning jailers who make sure we get three meals a day, water, fresh air, and a few simple activities as befits a lower species. But there is always observation time to look forward to, especially in teaching hospitals when the future game wardens, (a.k.a. psychology students) tour the facility to learn how to tend to us down the road. It seems many of the first year students often arrive straight from their course in "Condescension 101." We are merely biological anomalies to many of them. They listen to us express "incorrect" thoughts, determined to fix us for our own good, whether we like it or not. They soon recognize that our disease process is so "baffling" that we are not even sane enough to be grateful for their "help." (I wrote this part with my tongue in my cheek) I know of course, that from their point of view, they are humane schizo loving people. They only want what is best for us, and they will decide what is best. It seems it is none of our business. Objects don't get to have opinions about their existence.

Many people in the patient role believe that psychiatrists are consciously evil as many cannot imagine that they could not know what they are doing. Quite amusing if you really think about that. After all, they are all very intelligent people. History shows us that otherwise very intelligent people often fail to see obvious truth. Sometimes, intelligent people look for complex problems in what are really very simple primal problems of the human soul. We deny a regressive state we don't want to acknowledge for fear that we have not evolved, or progressed as much as we would like to believe.

As patients (or clients, or customers) we will never change the system within which we are trapped, by trying to reason with the keepers of our zoos, who are amazed to discover we have the power of speech. Nor will our silence or giving up the attempt to get through to them change it. The only thing that will change it is the exposure of this dysfunctional paradigm from beginning to end. We need to hold up a mirror to them so that they will see clearly exactly what they do in the name of "help." Let this mirror be our only weapon. Let the Medusa see itself in our carefully polished glass. Let it reflect upon itself. But, don't say these words to psychiatrists if you are labeled for they will likely take it to be your "delusion" when they try to "interpret" your metaphor.

When I was in psychosis, and was hearing (briefly) the voices of those I considered to be the spirits, or souls of others trapped as I was, I once said to them, "If we all work together, we can push back the force that is trying to overpower us." Back in concrete reality, I still believe that. We can shine our collective light of understanding into the darkness of the Shadow, so that it will be impossible to avoid facing the truth about this any longer. The truth is that what everyone, psychiatrists and families included, fears the most is our own Shadow…our truth, our fears, our rage, our repressed realities. We are creating that growing sinister Shadow by keeping it obscured. We won't let the light of truth reveal it to us.

Once we see the truth about both ourselves and others, going all the way back through the generations, the Shadow will disappear and our fear, rage, frustration, and acting out will disappear with it. By "our rage," I mean all of humanity, not a small labeled group of us set apart to be "the sick ones" so that others don't have to deal with it. First we see the truth we weren't "allowed" to see. Then we feel the feelings we weren't "allowed" to feel. Then, recognizing that blame is not vengeance, we blame those we weren't "allowed" to blame; including ourselves when applicable. (Blame is about psycho-spiritual understanding of boundary violation. Vengeance is a concrete acting out in retaliation.) We show and expect contrition. We offer and accept contrition when appropriate. Then we forgive, and are forgiven. In that order. When we are freed from the! snare, we can step back through the Looking Glass into a renewed reality of mutuality and Peace, a return to the original order. A Re-Union of our collective Being. This is the reality in which each individual is both unique and an equal member of the whole of creation, not one or the other.

Schizophrenia occurs with about the deconstruction of the individual's ego identity, in order to force him, or her, to submit to a consensus reality. We are to submit and admit we are crazy or, be defined as crazy for refusing to submit. The snare.

It is the premise of our beliefs which shape and define our collective reality. In the schizophrenic experience, we are not operating from the same premise as those who presume to judge us. We are operating from a split premise created by opposite perspectives and beliefs about what is going on. Everything which is being said is true, on some level, concretely or in the abstract, but the parties in opposition (psychiatrist/patient) hear the meaning differently, and often from different levels of awareness as well. It is not always the psychiatrist who should be presumed to have the greater awareness.

This creates so much misunderstanding that the effort to first locate, and then speak the truth becomes an exercise in futility. The more we in the patient role try to tell it, the more it is heard by those listening as symptoms, "proving" it meaningless and the more pressure is then applied to have us accept the consensus reality. How was this psychodrama made so meaningless?

For many of us, though not all of us, it was done when psychiatry decided to play "follow it's leaders" and supported the denial of a very common group event; the isolation, shunning, ostracizing of an individual. The individual has usually complained about something, or someone, which the group could not face or accept as reality. Group pressure is then applied to manipulate that individual to deny the reality of his or her own experience. When the pressure is too much to bear and the individual breaks down under the weight of it, the group members either deny they participated, or deny the result to the individual has anything to do with their behavior, or deny both.

I believe that "schizophrenia" and many other psychiatric diagnoses are really dis-eases in co-dependent relating. Some psychologists don't like the word co-dependent and don't think it really means anything. I disagree. In diagnoses like schizophrenia it means; the patient must depend upon the psychiatrist and not herself to define her problem for her, and "treat" her according to the psychiatrist's definition of her. Conversely, the psychiatrist must depend upon the patient to see herself as physically "sick," to accept his beliefs, to follow his lead, and to co-operate with the way he treats her. This is a system which owes it's existence to mutual dependence. In other words it is co-dependent on a disease paradigm. In this particular co-dependent relationship, one half of the pair has obtained ninety five percent of the power.

If one of the pair refuses to accept the co-dependent role, the relationship won't work, the imbalance becomes obvious, and the need to re-examine it within a new framework becomes a necessity. The purpose of co-dependency though is to avoid the examination of the status quo which everyone is struggling to maintain. When the originating problem is the hidden agenda of domination and submission, the system itself, supports and enables those trying to achieve that goal. It has become the snake swallowing it's own tail.

Anyone who becomes aware of the horrifying reality of it and who becomes overtly "upset," is likely to get a chemically induced reaction adjustment. Controlling emotional response is becoming increasingly acceptable as a "norm." The cart is now commonly placed before the horse while traveling down the road of life and most blame the horse's lack of insight rather than the livery owner. We now control the effect and completely ignore the cause. We pump steroids into the horse so it will have more strength to push the cart!

Those who tend to proselytize the most about "forgiving" the Con/Man "for our own sakes" are often the same people who go to the medicine cabinet when they feel a negative emotional reaction coming on. Emotional reactions signal us that something is not right in our reasoning and in our relationship with others. Our job is to examine that and to discover our truth. We won't do that as long as we accept redefining our built in signaling system as chemistry problems disconnected from the reality of our own experience. It is that disconnection which triggers psychosis. How far are we willing to go to feel a sense of belonging, to be accepted? Maybe we should ask what it is to which we are trying to belong and at what cost to our humanity? Do we really want to belong to any group which is blindly creating Hell on Earth so that "no one" has to be wrong?

To (possibly) paraphrase something Laing once said, psychiatry is..." the blind leading the half blind." As a result of my own experience, I would have to agree.

The language of mental illness/mental health is the language of the psycho-spiritual nexus of meaning. When apart from concrete specific detail, it is the language of ambiguity; of uncertainty. In this dimension of potentiality, Schrodinger's cat is simultaneously dead, alive, and non-existent. Only the doctor is "allowed" to choose the state of our cat. The doctor's choice is the one we must accept. Our own experience of "our cat" has no meaning to the doctor. For we have been "assessed" as knowing nothing about our own lives. Our experience has been expertly invalidated. The Con/Man has removed the threat to himself and the deceived, well-manipulated group members are all off the hook. For now I have been made mad.

I have made my point. The snare is real. Beyond this point there is no return. This is the Alpha and the Omega of insanity. It is the full circle to which I was blind. Its a mandala. But now I see. Schizophrenia is the expert political invalidation of an individual who describes a group event which has already been defined beforehand , as symptoms "proving" the existence of the invention of schizophrenia, which gives validity to the group's thinking and behavior! It is a sort of convoluted "psychic" prediction based upon group behavior of the past which has been successfully denied by redefining it as a perception/reaction problem in the victim.

R.D. Laing said in The Voice of Experience,
"To split what is the case into the duality of subjective and objective is to make a distinction, very useful, even essential for many purposes. When we turn to experience and learn what it may have to teach us, we cannot do so by a method constructed to exclude it.…There is no way to know it except to experience it. If the relations between the notes are not heard as melody, there is no melody. Nevertheless those who hear melodies do not have to prove that melodies exist because some people who do not hear them say they do not."

Time to change our tune.

email: Psychevolution @ yahoo.ca
Patricia's Blog: www.beyondthepsychiatricbox.blogspot.com

© 2003, Patricia Lefave

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