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The Metaphysical Cause of So-Called "Schizophrenia": The Projected Duplicity

by Patricia Lefave, D.D.(P), B.R.P., "The Mystical Madwoman"

The Perverted Drama Triangle/Pyramid Structure:

  1. The Aggressor: At the top of the pyramid of power

  2. The Victim: Sanest member of the group, defined as "too" aware, "too" sensitive, and "too" close to seeing the truth about the Aggressor's hidden agenda.

  3. The Manipulated Group: Covertly led by the Aggressor to believe the relationship between him and the Victim is the opposite of itself. The Aggressor convinces the group that his Victim is the Aggressor and/or crazy.

The Group acts out against the Victim based upon the false premise supplied to them by the Aggressor. The Aggressor's premise of reasoning is based upon obtaining, and retaining, power over the Victim and the Group. The Group is structured as a pyramid scheme.

The Victim/scapegoat is chosen because that is the one who most threatens the Aggressor's power and the structure itself. Whomever threatens the Aggressor becomes the target of his Bait and Switch, used to invalidate the individual as a defense of his position. When, or more often IF, the Group realizes it has attacked an innocent person, they make an agreement together to cover up the whole incident to avoid accountability.

In doing so, they allow the damage to the Victim to remain intact, and even grow much worse, because the truth is suppressed.

If the Victim complains, seeks resolution, shows fear, anger, or tries to talk about it, she is often threatened, coerced, manipulated and intimidated for it.

The fault is now found to be in the perception and reactions of the Victim, so that it will not be seen in the thinking and behavior of either the Aggressor, or the Group he manipulated. It is now the Group goal to avoid responsibility. This can now only be done by blaming the Victim, who continues to expect justice and integrity from a Group that will not admit to what they did, apologize for it, change their thinking and behavior, or make amends.

Because they won't, the Victim is made the scapegoat for the whole group, the fault found in her for complaining about the abuse, and the Aggressor is supported and enabled by the group's cover up.

The Aggressor has now reached his goal, which is to obtain and retain power and control of both the Victim, and the whole Group, while keeping the pyramid structure intact. This was also his premise.

The premise and goal rest on the same point. The structure of his power is a tautology. As long as no one sees and understands that, he remains on top. Therefore his only real enemy is the one who sees the truth about him and/or his system. They are the few, not the many. The majority remain blind to it.

Since the Victim sees what no one else in the group sees, the conclusion drawn is that the victim sees what isn't there. It does not occur to the Group that they fail to see what is there. Therefore, the Victim is "delusional." Reality has been arrived at by "authority" and group consensus. It has been redefined by the Aggressor as it's opposite.

The Victim is now blamed and the guilty, the ignorant, and the deceived are off the responsibility hook. The Aggressor's power has been obtained and retained as planned. He wins the "game."

The Cause:

Psychiatrists, and usually an original group before psychiatry gets involved, drive us insane. Of course they think they are "helping" us. I would like to point out to you all that whatever the intentions, the result to me is the same. Then, in a symbiotic relationship with the Pharmaceutical Companies, they offer us "treatment" for the psychosis they created and which they reinforce. If we do not comply willingly, they force their treatment upon us...for our own good, of course. Then having made us sick, they expect us to respect their "authority", and to be grateful to them for their "help." If we are not "grateful", the fault is found to be in us.

The Details Change.
The Play Remains The Same.

The problem lies NOT in what I say nor HOW I say it, but in the lack of ability of the ears listening to recognize the truth when heard. They can't hear it because they have been well trained NOT to hear, and to accept and support an alternate "reality" instead.

All people who violate the boundaries of others, and then justify it, use the "Switch." It is then said to be the violated one's perception and/or reactions that are the problem, rather than the violators reasoning or behavior. That's the basics in the avoidance of responsibility: blaming the victim For blaming the aggressor. That idea CREATES the circular trap of co-dependency. The Dysfunctional rule is NO ONE should be blamed. In reality SOMEONE is always blamed. It is always the one who tries to blame the aggressor. The aggressor is usually in a position of power or "authority."

The Cure:

Psychiatrists and the group members, (families or otherwise) learn how to face reality. They learn to recognize the victims. They learn to accept that some people they least suspect, operate with a hidden agenda of domination. They learn to validate the accurate perception and appropriate reactions of the victims. They stop treating us with contempt for telling them the truth. They learn to invalidate aggression, and they stop enabling and supporting the aggressors. The Bait and Switch con game ends, and we all stop manufacturing madness, and learn the difference between the Mental Illness "business" and the Mental Health "business."

When Psychiatry and the families emerge from the group brainwashing, we "schizos" will all come flying out of psychosis like bats flying out of Hell's belfries.

The only thing we ever really needed rescuing from is our Rescuers, and the support and enablement of the original Aggressors who deceived them. If all learn to understand this, we will all live happily ever after.

Patricia Lefave, D.D.(P.)

email: Psychevolution @ yahoo.ca
Patricia's Blog: www.beyondthepsychiatricbox.blogspot.com

© 2003, Patricia Lefave

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