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The "Game": And Its Assessment for Our Mad Messiahs

by Patricia Lefave, D.D.(P), B.R.P., "The Mystical Madwoman"

First, an instant replay of the "game" which attracts our Mad Messiahs to "observe" the co-dependent action. We all have to keep repeating the structure of this sick game which earned us all our insanity labels. We provide the world with permanent scapegoats, fulfilling roles as offerings for the atonement of the acting out of frustration and hate by those who can never be blamed for ANYTHING. (Key D word*)

It starts when a group operates on a basis of dysfunctional agreement. The group is set up like a pyramid scheme with the leader of the dysfunction at the top. The premise of that one's reasoning is to gain, and retain, power and control of the whole group. He achieves this through the use of a hidden agenda of domination.

When, or if, anyone beneath him in the top-down structure challenges, questions, or threatens his authority, the leader makes use of the Bait and Switch con to eliminate the threat. Pretending to have the challenger's best interests at heart, he covertly manipulates the group to believe any reasoning problem is in the one who challenges him. Dysfunctional groups think in absolute terms. They are the "always, never, everybody, nobody" people.

*(EXPLANATION: I use the term "Key D word", whenever I mean words or phrases which are used in Dysfunction or Diagnostics. Such words and phrases act as a stimulus evoking an automated response, or thinking pattern, in either the dysfunctional group or the doctor. If there is one thing I've learned from my own experience being "helped", it's that there are never too many ways to say the same things which the "D" people can't ever manage to hear.)

The authority suggests to the group, that the one who threatens his power is sick, basically FOR suggesting it is the leader, and/or his system that is sick, or irrational. The group accepts the leader's assessment of his victim, and unaware of the leaders hidden agenda, perceives him as attempting to "help" his victim. Since the group does not see the truth, they invalidate the victim's experience, perception, and emotional responses and empathize with, protect, and support the aggressor. The end result, is the deconstruction of the victim's ego identity and the reinforcement of the aggressor's paradigm of power and control. A sane/insane switch.

Reality has now been created and defined by the aggressor as the exact opposite of itself. This turn around keeps the cycle of abuse of power going. It is the cooperation of the manipulated group that makes it work.

The victim can then be defined as "mentally ill" since only she sees what the others do not see. Reality has been arrived at by means of group consensus. To justify this consensus, the whole group often manufactures "evidence" of the victim's insanity which is now needed to prove themselves right. The aggressor's real agenda remains a ! mystery to the whole group. He is enabled and supported by this group deception.

Sometimes, when the victim is placed under enough pressure, by enough people, for long enough, he or she reacts as the sociopath did, when the same thing was done to him, which was also denied. Identifying with the aggressor, he switches positions and does to others, the same thing that was done to him. He now acts out, what he was not allowed to talk out. It is a way of showing others how it feels to be on the receiving end of his own experience. An experience that was denied. If caught re-enacting the same "game", or acting out with violence, he may then get a new label; sociopath, and we will all play "the game", again and again, generation after generation, to infinity, or until we recognize all the elements of the moronic game and stop, OR, until there is nothing left to act out UPON. All because the majority; the aggressor, the manipulated group, and of course, the mental health professionals, prefer to avoid facing a reality nobody likes, and to redefine this human metaphysical "illness", as physical "illness", which allows them to control the Identified patient, and get the guilty groups off the hook entirely.

Unfortunately, the majority also remains unaware that it is actually psychiatry's identification with the aggressor, that has made this metaphysical "illness" incurable. No one can ever escape this perfect tautology. Psychiatry, in it's own grandiosity, has defined itself as our Messiah, whether we like it or not, blissfully unaware that doing so, has ensured that no rational Rescuer will ever be "allowed" a role in this twisted version of the Drama Triangle.

You would think they would know, that the reason we keep beating this dead horse, is because they keep fighting against hearing it, wouldn't you? We all get the often repeated instruction, "You must let it go....let it go.....!" Of course there are reasons they! want us to "let it go" (Key D words) which have much more to do with their needs than ours. They want to "think" they've done "good." And they want us to "think" so too, rather than "think" they've done badly. They would like us to be quiet please, once they've given us our pills to make us feel "better", and to help us accept our newly constructed "reality." The one they have chosen FOR us, which they like ever so much better than having to entertain the notion that there really are deceitful, controlling, manipulative people in the world. People who have often managed to reproduce, and become, not only someone's parents, but also husbands, wives, siblings, teachers, students, bosses, politicians, lawyers, researchers, bus drivers, prison guards, nurses, and even doctors! (Gasp!)

And another way of saying this compactly would be: The group defines the Schizophrenic-to-be as stupid, crazy and/or unconscious as their premise of reasoning. They then project their own delusion, and the "superior"/"inferior" split, onto the target person, treating her as if their delusion were hers, rather than the group's. They then react to their own invention and interpretations of the victim, and pressure the victim to accept their "assessment" as reality.

The group needs it accepted as real, in order to justify their own distorted reasoning and behavior. To that end, the target either accepts the brainwashing (good schizo), breaks down under pressure, which is then seen as a psychotic break WITHIN the parameters of a disease process, or resists the expert diagnosis (bad schizo, resistant and non-compliant).

No matter what the choice, the aggressor, pseudo Savior, and all the loyal supporters and enablers, will always (Key D word) perceive themselves as "right." To maintain that desired outcome, the "schizo" is not "allowed" to talk, explain, complain, blame anyone (other than herself, or her body), confront or question the aggressor, or anyone in his support system. We must comply! For resistance is futile! We are to be assimilated into the hive mind.

The Alien Nation! Don't look! If you make eye contact with those Big Heads, they will get right inside your mind and start doing experiments on you!

Personally, I have found the symbolism of dreams, nightmares, and psychosis, rising up from our collective unconscious, to be right on target as an expression of our suppressed Truth. I don't find it meaningless at all. Bear with me while I repeat (Key D word) myself, ad nauseum. I know that all of you who have been forced to play this never ending game, in an attempt to free yourselves from your pseudo Saviors, understand why we repeat ourselves. Trying to deprogram brainwashed people, who are certain they have the "superior" understanding, is a formidable task to say the least. Especially since they can't imagine that we could possibly understand our own experience better than they do. Most of you are probably like me. You wouldn't even bother trying to do it if it weren't for the fact that such people have been given unquestioned power and control over your lives. If it wasn't for that, we would probably all just stand around in groups, laughing (Key D word) at them all the time. But, after years, or sometimes decades, spent trying to tell them what they refuse to hear, we tend to lose our sense of it's absurd humor.

Opposite the aggressor and his enablers who are always right, is the victim, the equal and opposite reaction in the metaphysical play, always wrong. She only "thinks" she is a victim, or is only saying that she is, to "seek attention/fame." (Key D words) Really nothing (key Dysfunctional word) happened. Nobody (key D word) has done a thing. They are all completely mystified (Key D word)by the victims reactions, now to be known as "inappropriate affects." The fault, the group claims, rests in the perception and reactions of the victim, who is then! blamed for blaming them. Note the constant circular reasoning present in all the arguments of the aggressor and the enablers.

If you psychiatrists had your life taken over by people dealing in manipulative ploys, covert operations, clandestine reporting of your thoughts, and forced drugging, "for you own good", you might begin to understand how it feels to be "us", on the receiving end of your "help." How grateful would you be?

I am a believer in the idea that the pen is mightier than the sword. Since we defectives are ninety eight per cent pacifist in the first place, our "writing behaviors", as you like to pathologize them, are quite natural for us. Think of the ball point pen as the "schizo" weapon of choice. We use them to gently curse you in return for your voodoo spells, since you will not "allow" (Key D word) us to speak, right out loud, the awful truth you can't handle.

The cure of both sociopathy and schizophrenia, "diseases" invented to allow everyone to avoid accountability for the results of this twisted paradigm, is to stop trying to explain away the truth about humanity. We must stop relating in terms of superior/inferior as a premise of reasoning. When we start to relate as neither superior nor inferior, we begin to escape the co-dependent relationship and return to sanity. In sane relationships, the individual's experience does not represent everybody's. The individual's experience does not represent nobody's. It represents somebody's. Everyone is somebody, unique within the details of their experience and self definition, as well as, identical in spirit, the universal essence of our common humanity. We are all "somebodies" in a global field of other somebodies, just like us, who can be made very ill dealing with a group of somebodies, who think they represent everybody on the planet.

This "illness" comes not from chemistry, electrical impulses, synaptic malfunctions or defective genes, but from other somebodies who need to be everybody or nobody , and who need us to need that too, as validation for their own lunacy. It's exhausting just to say it, let alone try to reason anybody out of it.

This perverted psychology of dysfunctional relating creates a "them" OR "us" mentality. It is this twisted paradigm that allows human beings to deny the dark side, by projecting the dreaded Shadow onto any convenient external enemy.

I would like you psychiatrists, and all other mental health professionals to take a few minutes to consider a possibility:

What if the next target of a "sociopath" (a really pissed off former victim) who manipulates a group to believe his target is "mentally ill" is one of you? Do you think you will be more grateful for the help provided by someone like you than I have been? Perhaps you will. In any case, I would like to suggest something to you as the voice of experience. Whatever you do, DON'T tell the truth about the assault on you by the manipulated group. Keep in the forefront of your mind that the psychiatrist who sits assessing you, has been thoroughly trained to hear what you "say" (Key D word) happened to you, as "symptoms" proving that it did NOT happen. This is tricky to learn, I admit, but you'll get the hang of it. After all, forewarned is forearmed isn't it? Just keep repeating to yourself,(but be careful not to move your lips!) Catch 22, Catch 22, Catch 22....

Now. Try to pay attention. I know you tend to blank out the minute you hear any words that make you assume you are really hearing "symptoms.' As soon as your usual ten to fifteen, cost-effective minutes have elapsed, for appearing to listen to me, you can stop reading just as if you were on a timer. If tempted to listen for real, just repeat the magic words three times. "I can't talk to a disease...I can't talk..."

The aggressor is always someone who operates using deceit and manipulation as a "normal" behavior mode. He (or she) uses it on anyone who threatens the psychological structure which allows him to delude himself that he is "superior." You know. The role you psychiatrists assume in his place, after he has railroaded (Key D, word) us into the psych ward for our "delusional" beliefs about his manipulations and covert agenda. Being "superior" and right all the time, is the aggressor's premise AND goal, which keeps him safely inside an infinite loop of "reasoning." For him, it's like drawing a magical circle around himself that keeps all reason and evidence of error outside himself. Anything that suggests that he is not "superior" must be kept outside that circle. Therefore, to preserve his self delusion, he invalidates everything, and everyone, that threatens to penetrate the magic circle of his thought processes.

Why does he fear that he may not be "superior" you may well ask? Because in severe dysfunction, there exists only a choice of adversarial opposites. He can only be "superior" OR "inferior." It does not even occur to the severely dysfunctional that he could be neither one of those. For to him, to be neither, is to be nothing. He does not know that he could accept both himself, AND others, as equal in worth. Complementary opposites don't exist for him. He is only "winning" the "game" of Life by invalidating others OR he is losing the "game" of life by being invalidated by others. This is how the spirit of the adversary thinks. If you do not know this, and also don't think like he does, you will never be able to understand where his head is. Once you do understand it though, the meaning of your relationship with him, and those he has manipulated to invalidate you, will click into place. You will then feel the chaos and confusion begin to subside. After that, you will get stronger and stronger. No more "split" between your concrete experience and the perception of it, that you were told you must accept.

The aggressor NEVER (Key D word) admits his own fears, never apologizes, never makes amends, never changes his thinking, and even when caught by evidence, usually attempts to blame his victims reactions to him rather than accept responsibility for his own behavior. He unloads everything (Key D word) using the self protective mechanism of projection.

In this extreme relationship, the one who best sees the truth about him becomes his enemy and the recipient of his projected duplicity. The aggressor can only survive, intact, if he can manage to hide his duplicity from those he deceives and manipulates for that purpose. Those he manages to deceive will have little problem with him. Those who find him obvious and reveal that, are most likely to find themselves "diagnosed" as "schizophrenic" should he play a continuous role in their lives.

Since he is obvious to only a few, the few are his problem. He often manipulates the group to help him invalidate his victim by appealing to their own need to feel superior to the victim. He convinces them that his delusions of grandeur really belong to his victim. It is the victim's tendency to relate to others as equals which turns out to be her greatest error. She doesn't understand the need to play "the game" at all! It makes no sense to her. And she is right! But if she says her relationships are making no sense, that is heard as a flaw in HER, since no one else sees what there is for her to be confused ABOUT!

This is the consensus reality in which the majority are the ones who don't understand but are CERTAIN that they do, AND the individual victim DOES understand but is told, by the group, that she does not!

The extreme result of this co-dependent, irrational relationship is ego breakdown, suicide, and/or murder. Those of you in psychiatry who have already seen and understood this, yet have covered up the truth, for the sake of holding onto your power and control, (and of course for keeping up appearances), need to ask yourself a question. As the victims of your "help" continue to pay in ongoing losses, does it bother you at all? Do you have any integrity left? Or are you just pawns in the psychiatric establishment's political board game? If you are among those who have seen the truth, perhaps it might be time to renounce The Faith, and think about whether you would prefer to be neurologists, dealing with real diseases of the brain and nervous system(the physical), OR psychologists dealing with the psychological illnesses of the mind and spirit (metaphysical). It may be necessary though, to sacrifice some of the concrete rewards of power, prestige, and perks that currently go with your agreement to remain silent. Especially with the Drug Companies encouraging your participation in their "research." Is there no conflict of interest there?

When, or if you ever decide to renounce The Faith, you can perform your penance by joining "us"; the converted psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, social workers, and ex-patients, who have seen the light, brothers and sisters!, and who are now working together for real healing of the metaphysical illness that has spread all over the world. We work for an end to the worldwide, legally sanctioned, practice of scapegoating, and for the deconstruction of the paradigm that supports the quaint notion that incarcerating the innocent, and excusing the guilty should be a socially acceptable practice. Oh, I know some of you, probably most of you, are only the ignorant and deceived, who enable the guilty, but you must admit, that from our point of view, it becomes nearly impossible to separate the manipulated from the manipulators.

We cannot relate to the aggressor as an equal. He does not understand the concept. It is beyond him. Because, in reality, we are his superiors in understanding. We just don't care about such nonsense. We know Life as a growth process that we all go through together. We don't care who is ahead of us and who is behind us, until or unless, they force us to care, through their violation of our personal space. You know. Like psychiatrists do, when they identify with our aggressors after being manipulated by them. Of course they are also convinced by the group, since the group is often showing genuine concern for our mental health. After all, the aggressor had already deceived them.

There are only two ways to relate to aggressors:
  1. We can relate as superiors or inferiors, escalating a psychological war-like mentality which never ends but only switches positions occasionally, between the two protagonists.


  2. We can stop trying to reason with what is not reasonable in the first place, see the circular arguments of the aggressor's anti logic and expose it from beginning to end. We need to expose the deceit, expose the manipulations and pull the mask covering his duplicity, off his zombie like face.

In order for all of us to understand this metaphysical illness, we are going to have to become aware of the concepts behind the programming language which is being used like a two edged sword. It simultaneously invalidates the Identified patient, while it validates the power of the aggressor and the false beliefs of those who unwittingly enable him. The reality of the situation is the exact opposite of what the MAJORITY believes it to be! That's the Circle, or the maze from which there is no escape.

It's time to wake up to the awful truth by observing, assessing and diagnosing your own motivations, denial, resistance, and all too cooperative, compliance.

With you, or without you though, we will no longer be talked out of the oh-so-obvious truth about your duplicity, which has been validated as a human "norm", no matter how much "awareness reduction medication" you try to force down our unwilling throats. We do not like being silenced as a remedy for relieving your fear and doubts. You see, THAT just doesn't make sense to us. But then, you know "us". We're confused most of the time when we're talking to you. And that's a fact we can both agree on!

Now. I would like to suggest a really radical idea for assessment to the Voodoo Priests of medicine. Instead of asking the aggressor you haven't recognized as an aggressor, and the group which supports him, to explain the Identified patient's perception and reactions to you, why don't you ask us and then really listen when we tell you how it is. That would be instead of telling us to be silent and not show any negative feeling that may disturb anyone else. Also, if you would stop setting up special departments in psychiatric hospitals for the clandestine reports of "strange" thoughts and behaviors, as perceived by the group, that would be really nice. We really aren't all that fond of the activities of the Psychiatric Gestapo. You can sort of tell when we refer to you as Nazis, or sometimes in psychotic imagery as: Napoleon, aliens, witch hunters, monsters and devils etc. (hint, hint)

Now to find a way to start hearing what we say as "real", you're going to have to practice giving up hearing "symptoms" like you were trained to do. I'm sure it's going to be as hard for you to get your heads around that programming, as it has been for us to realize you think the truth we tell you is "symptoms", proving nothing (Key D word) happened. How many times have you heard the groups involved say that? "We're just mystified officer/doctor, because nothing happened and we don't know why she ! is saying it did!" You see, calling "everything" we've been put through by a group of "others"(who can never be blamed) "nothing", is what we are "confused" (Key D word) about! At least now we understand that you can't hear us psychologically because you've been brainwashed yourselves in the same dysfunction. When we didn't understand that, we couldn't escape the madness you often created for us by your re-invention of our experience as a "disease" process. Now that we know that about you, we have more of the information necessary to help us solve the puzzle, escape the chaos, and the "help" that was creating even more chaos. Now all we have to do is convert, or escape, psychiatry itself with all it's unquestioned power and true believer fervor. This is the tough part! I feel a lot like I may be forced to leave the planet on the tail of Halley's comet. (All the cult leaders seem to like to see themselves in the role of the "father" archetype. Have you noticed?)

Please Listen. If you accept the premise given to you by the aggressor, or the manipulated group, that nothing happened, then you will hear everything the patient says about "nothing", as madness. If, on the other hand, you accepted the patient's complaints as a victim's reality, who is then further victimized by the denial and cover up of the event that broke her, you would then understand the legitimacy of her fear and anger, wouldn't you? It is all a matter of perspective, isn't it?

In spite of enough provocation, psychological, verbal, and sometimes physical abuses, to break us fifty times over, we are determined, as a collective group, NOT to abuse and invalidate you as human beings in return. Of course, some tell us that makes ! us "good victims." I must disagree. For if we were "good" victims, we would be far more cooperative and compliant wouldn't we? We have learned the difference between blame and vengeance, and we hope to teach that difference to you. We know it is going to be very difficult as it is like trying to deprogram cult members who don't want to leave the only family they've ever known and who fear the unknown, outside their protective environment. But, we believe it is possible for even psychiatrists, to grow past their errors. After all, if even we defectives can do it, then so can you. We will not hunt you down though, as you have hunted us. Instead, we will use the revelations of our experience with you, to call you to accountability. We will also openly question your strenuous efforts to make us society's untouchables, by trying to keep us forever silent, co-operative, and under control.

Well, this is why we are obliged to keep telling you the same truths over, and over, again. We figure if we tell you often enough, in enough ways, even psychiatrists will eventually get the message.

In the meantime though, it sure is hard not to get really ticked off when we are trapped in a legally sanctioned, forced, co-dependent relationship with a huge group of dysfunctional lunatics who are, quite literally, running the asylums. And we aren't "allowed" to be fearful or angry about it either, or we might get another dose of enough-tranquilizer-to-bring-down-a-charging-rhino; for our own good, of course. So we are still in the old "straitjackets", only now we are psychologically, electrically, or chemically "strapped" into them. And once "diagnosed", and labeled, we are also strapped into our roles, as far as t! he rest of society is concerned. After all, you really can't tell my employer I am too dangerous to work, and won't take my "medication," and then expect them to welcome me back with open arms after you've made them fear me, now can you? They react to us, and our labels, as if they were as permanently affixed to us as a number tattooed on our wrist. It is psychiatry which has taught them to fear us. It is also psychiatry that has taught them to abuse us, since it is your definition of us as defective humans which makes us fair game for the "superior" folk. Many of those superior folk crawl out from under their rocks to harass (Key D word) us, since no one will believe us anyway. (Yahoo! We're jackass bait!) I myself have been referred to as "Hey! Schizo! Freak! Moron!" more times than I care to count. Not to mention more than a dozen "uttered" death threats.

Of course, whenever I've told my pseudo Saviors this occurs, they can only hear "symptoms" proving it didn't. I must keep silent about it. If I say it too much, I may get "helped" again. After all, my diagnosis is already in the government records and has been for years. So now, I have a "history" of "mental illness." If that won't justify further diagnostics and treatment, what will? Most of us who are poor, uneducated or isolated can look forward to playing the game for the rest of our lives. As Thomas Szasz has said, it is "a lifetime commitment." We are indeed, expected to make a career out of being "mad" and we are often quite literally, fighting for our lives.

Tell me, my team of psychiatric helpers, if you were in my position, would you give it up as unresolvable, accept your fate, OR keep fighting to reach resolution? I'll tell you something. Whatever you pick, someone will always assess it as wrong. My own judges, many of them total strangers to me, have sat beside me at malls saying both: "Why don't they just let it go and get on with their lives? AND "Why don't they speak up for themselves? If they don't, they deserve what they get for being so weak!" For which would you prefer to be publicly ridiculed? The failure to give up? Or the failure to speak up? (Try not to notice the double bind there. it will only confuse you.)

Of course, no one ever actually talks directly to me about any of this. I am not "allowed" to speak of it, nor confront anyone. If they were to find out from me, who I really am, they might have to feel guilty. I am allowed to keep putting up with society's violation of my personal boundaries though. I am also expected to do so in silence, so that no one else involved ever has to feel bad. If I feel upset about these "hallucinated conversations" I am hearing about me, often using my full name, or if I feel myself breaking down from the constant contempt, pressure, and invalidation of my experience, and my "inappropriate" affects in relation to it, I can always accept "treatment." They say a jolt of electricity will help me forget. The facts about what caused, or may cause my breakdown, are of course irrelevant.

Now if we could just get doctors to face the real cause of the problem and say it, rather than focusing on the effect and suppressing it, I think we might actually break this cycle. All we have to do is get them turned back around so they can face the reality of our collective demons together.

Wrapping it Up
The Key Dysfunctional Words and Phrases:

"Anything, let it go, always, repeat, laughing, seeking attention/fame, nobody, mystified, allow, says, thinks, railroaded, never, harassed, confused," and many others.

Dysfunctional groups like to relate in platitudes and abstractions, in absolute terms, as a defense of the dysfunction. When you hear the above words and phrases in relation to a "patient", may you pause in the delivery of your automatic response, and consider the possibility, that the truth about the patient's reality may not be immediately apparent.

Quick now! Send out a psychiatric S.W.A.T. Team, for I am a dangerous unmedicated mental patient inciting others to conversation and dialogue! Ooooo.....Scary!

Which leads me to a question I personally have wanted answered for the last eight years: If it is my team of psychiatrists (some nuts are harder to crack than others) who are afraid of my questions, why do I get the tranquilizer?

Perhaps Dr. Siebert could add the question to our research Project, just to satisfy this Madwoman's curiosity.

Patricia Lefave, D.D.(P.)

email: Psychevolution @ yahoo.ca
Patricia's Blog: www.beyondthepsychiatricbox.blogspot.com

© 2003, Patricia Lefave

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