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Back Through the Looking Glass

by Patricia Lefave, D.D.(P), B.R.P., "The Mystical Madwoman"

Dorland's Definition of Brainwashing:
"Systematic emotional and mental conditioning of an individual, or of a group, designed to secure attitudes and beliefs conformable to the wishes of those administering the conditioning, accomplished by means of propaganda, torture, drugs, distorted psychiatric procedures, or by other means."

In my own experience, this definition applies generically, to: the dysfunctional family, cults, and psychiatry itself. All are structured as pyramids of power and control, and all of the "leaders" respond basically, the same way, when their power and control over others is threatened or challenged.

They use the old "Bait and Switch" routine. They all claim they are doing what they do for our own good. They lead the group involved, to believe the "reality" between themselves, and the one who challenges their authority, to be the exact opposite of itself. Because the group believes the aggressor, everything the victim says to them is heard through the filter of their belief system. Since telling the truth about what is happening is already pre-defined by psychiatry as "symptoms", the more the victim tells the truth, the more certain both the group, and psychiatry becomes that they "hear" symptoms of a disease process requiring their intervention. So they increase the stress, in the name of "help," until the victim's ego identity fragments under the inescapable pressure, and when that occurs, it is defined as a psychotic episode, within the parameters of a disease process, "proving" psychiatry and the group right to get the victim the "help" she so obviously needed.

And where did the understanding of the disease process come from? The D.S.M. This is how psychiatrists, who can't be wrong, because they have written their own Bible, prove they are right. The diagnosis, itself, is a self fulfilling prophecy, created as a closed system, from which there is no escape possible. It is closed, by design, to give psychiatry a power and control which overshadows government constitutions, charters of freedom, police and legal interventions. There is a whole host of possible diagnoses with which it is possible to control the "patient."

Do I think all the psychiatrists "plot" to do me and others harm? Absolutely not. They "plot" to do what they believe is "good." Ninety five percent of them are sure, beyond all doubt, that they are "rescuing" sick people who will not accept that we are "ill" and that it is for our own good. That is exactly what makes them so frightening. They don't know that what they are really often doing is helping the aggressors in our lives, attack perfectly healthy people who will not agree to see themselves as "sick" for not being like the dysfunctional "norm". We don't accept ourselves as physically sick because we know we aren't physically sick, which is not to say there is no problem. There is a huge problem, yet we cannot get psychiatrists to accept that. Why? Because psychiatrists have been brainwashed themselves to accept the invisible disease as "reality" and are hearing what they have been told they should hear. They do not know they often ARE the aggressors and the cause, or at least reinforcement, of the "illness" they themselves invented in an attempt to explain away the group behavior. The victims often know what happened, but can never be heard since telling them the truth only counter reinforces the psychiatrists brainwashing. That's why we laugh in psychosis. It's a cosmic joke! Sanity has been transformed to insanity, and insanity, sanity. Reality reversal.

The same infinite loop of reasoning can be used to create and sustain any mental disease anyone may care to invent. Corporate psychiatry and the family based groups who support the paradigm, requiring treatment, control, and "research", are supported by the pharmaceutical companies providing the treatment. It is currently the fastest growing industry in North America. Money is now being supplied by governments, directly to Big Pharma so they can do more research into fixing genetic defectives like myself. It is becoming an unstoppable machine being fought mostly by those that have been defined as crazy, by the mental health machine itself. The Mandala. The Circle of Insanity we all see most clearly in psychosis.

Psychiatry also seems to believe it is better to be powerful than powerless. But until, or unless, psychiatry understands that both those positions represent polar opposites of the same error, it will never solve the problem. The solution is outside that paradigm and is to be neither all powerful nor powerless. Self control is about BOTH Self restraint and Self protection. We all want exactly the same thing: To be complete and unique individuals, as well as, equal parts of a coherent, peaceful whole which includes all of life. We want to Be the spirit of the Tao, which we already intuitively know we really are, and always have been. We all just got talked out of it by those who want us to be subordinates in an alternate reality that leads ultimately, to Non Being.

The power struggle always takes place, primarily, between the "authority" and the challenger. These two understand it the best. The members of the groups involved, though certain they understand what's happening, actually have no idea. The group members have no idea they have been brainwashed and that they are inside a twisted paradigm, in a trance state.

I believe this is why, sometimes, mental health professionals, who start to hear it, think they might be going mad themselves. They are beginning to "hear", psychologically, the generic meaning behind all of this, and are actually coming out of the group madness, not going into it. At that point, like all of "us", who have lost our ego boundaries, and become fully psychotic, they literally, and metaphorically, don't know whether they are coming or going.

If the individual gets past that though, reintegration of concrete reality with conceptual reality, occurs. After that, the problem is only one of individual motivation. The only difference between those defined as the "sociopath' and those defined as the "schizophrenic", is the perception of one's "place "in the universal scheme of things.

The soul which embraces and lives with a premise of equality, sees him/herself as "One of Many". A cell within a greater "body" of Being.

The soul which embraces and lives with a premise of "superiority" sees him/herself as All powerful - the God-Head and the only "One" that really matters.

It's about Being "One", all right. But which One? To me, this is the only real difference between Heaven and Hell. A choice between complementary opposites OR adversarial opposites.

We don't really have to DO anything. Just stand still, open your eyes, clean out your ears, see it, physically and metaphysically, and stop being blind to your own mystifying creation.

Patricia Lefave, D.D.(P.)

email: Psychevolution @ yahoo.ca
Patricia's Blog: www.beyondthepsychiatricbox.blogspot.com

© 2003, Patricia Lefave

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