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Working With Clients Who Suffer from Acute Sensitivity (Schizophrenia)

A word to the therapist

by Odette Nightsky
Sensitive Services International

Since the advent of the New Age, we have been deluged by many different forms of healing modalities. Some are ancient forms coming back; others are new and pioneering. Therapist and Healers are not only offering personal one to one work, they are also teaching their craft to others that follow that particular path of discovery.

As the form of healing and therapy changes, we must acknowledge that there too are changes in those who are looking for help. If you are at all in tune with the planetary shift you will know that many have been walking a fine line between sanity and insanity. Some are experiencing psychic explosions, inner deaths, loss of core self. The orthodox world would refer to this as a nervous breakdown, or at worst mental illness. From a deeper more spiritual perspective those that are in crisis are moving through an incredibly profound time.

Stanislav Grof, a pioneer of Transpersonal psychology saw this great crisis within the soul as a Spiritual Emergence, an awakening that may take on quiet a drastic form. People experience a great psychic opening where they may feel a synchronicity with everything, prophetic dreaming, an inner death, Kundalini awakening....the list goes on. The person moving through a spiritual emergence will feel very in touch with the cosmos but not necessarily grounded enough to stay balanced during the inner journey. Many of these people have been misdiagnosed and placed in mental institutions to suffer not only desperate loneliness in their own inner world but to be ostracized from the outer as well.

Schizophrenia, in my opinion, is the extreme of a Spiritual Emergence where the imbalance is left untreated for so long, and the therapy insufficient that the person suffering is no longer stable in the three dimensional world nor the world of spirit. These are the type of clients that are coming out of the woodwork and crying for help in the deluge of new age therapies. Many of them will not readily tell you or even know what the problem is, so how are you as a therapist going to be of help?

I met a young woman not long ago who was suffering from an acute obsessive disorder, By her own admission she had lived a sexually abused life, dominated by black witchcraft cults, and often in and out of institutions. She shared this story readily and with great detail. She was in great distress looking desperately for a quick healing fix, a couple of days later walking on the beach a man approached telling her he was a shamanic healer, and could be of help. I saw her not long after the session. A couple of things were obvious to me. She was spaced out and confused at his approach. She asked me if I thought what he was doing was normal. She was vulnerable, restless, and scattered, not grounded at all. She said that the healer got her to strip naked (he said this was his way) and lead her to explore her own sex during the session saying that this would help to release her issues. This is at her very first session with a complete stranger!

This extreme example of abuse in therapy makes the point that many therapists and healers are confused at how to understand someone who is deeply fragmented from the core self or walking through a deep and transforming spiritual awakening. We are individual in our approach but what we all need to be aware of is that if someone comes to you who is mentally, emotionally and spiritually imbalanced there are some helpful ways in assisting them.

If you are dealing with a client who is walking through a Spiritual Emergence or suffering from Acute Sensitivity. Use the following steps to guide you in your healing work. Remember you are only responsible for what you offer from the highest good, they are responsible for what they do with it.

I know from experience that people who are prone to being Acutely Sensitive, have a wonderful imagination, can travel very well inside the world of visualization and imagery, and are gifted with many creative talents. These are talents you can encourage and utilize in your therapy sessions. The most important things I have learned in guiding Acutely Sensitive souls is:

Bridge Between Two Worlds cover

There is a great stigma around those suffering from mental, emotional and spiritual imbalance. They are thrown into the too hard basket. Each Acutely Sensitive soul I have met has been more vulnerable and confused, rather than violent and destructive. They are fragmented souls looking for a reason to be here on this planet. They are like the lost children of the world. They need our love, understanding and support. It is up to us as Therapists, healers, teachers and "light" workers to learn more about where they are coming from and be the best guides we can be in assisting them to find their own healing way.

Odette Nightsky
Author of The Bridge Between Two Worlds. A Shaman's View of Schizophrenia & Acute Sensitivity Available for Educational Seminars
Phone: 0438 239 127 (Australia)
Sensitive Services International


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