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"Quacksand" a term coined by Jerry Lee Foley

"While searching for a word that would concisely describe the common political phenomenon that millions of Americans have unfortunately experienced through the (mis)use of the so-called medical system resulting in the steady decline in health through force, I coined the term "QUACKsand" from the words "quack" and "quicksand".

"I regret that so many innocent Americans have fallen into the trap of the A.P.A./A.M.A. (American Medicalized Apertheid) system of quacksand. Quacksand usually proves to be so overwhelming that large numbers of people pushed into it find difficulty in escaping on their own. Quacksand can be a relegation to oblivion, and unfortunately it usually is. The term quacksand is synonymous with (I.O.C.) Involuntary Outpatient Commitment. I.O.C. can be called "the lethal quacksand trap of the therapeutic state."

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