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Out of Print:

Peaking Out: How My Mind Broke Free from the Delusions in Psychiatry

Al Siebert, Ph.D.
ISBN: 0-944277-10-1
320 pages, $19.95
©1995 Practical Psychology Press


Table of Contents

  1. An Unobstructed View
  2. Telephone Calls to the Sub-Basement
  3. A Capitol Visit
  4. Debriefing
  5. Transitions
  6. Commencing
  7. Questions
  8. The Mother of the Second Savior
  9. Shocking Discoveries
  10. Struggle and Turmoil
  11. Entering A New World
  12. A Whole New Ball Game
  13. My Menninger Post-Doctoral Education
  14. Survival in the Haven
  15. Mental Health
  16. Testing
  17. The Great Escape
  18. Reflections
Includes index

A Secret Kept Hidden for Thirty Years

In 1965, Al Siebert, author of The Survivor Personality, received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Michigan. He was awarded a fellowship for post-doctoral training at the Menninger Foundation located in Kansas. The month before his fellowship started, he found himself swept up in a life-transforming peak experience rich with insights and synchronicity.

During this time, he conducted an experimental interview with a young woman diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic. His interviewing method led to her immediate recovery. When Dr. Siebert told the psychologists and psychiatrists at the Menninger Foundation about his extraordinary breakthrough, they declared him mentally ill! They cancelled his fellowship. He was locked up in the back ward of a psychiatric hospital.

Signed out "Against Medical Advice" for over thirty years, this respected educator, business owner, author, and community leader now tells his fascinating story. In Peaking Out he describes a joyous, weeks-long, mind-freeing peak experience; exposes undocumented practices and delusions in psychiatry; and reveals how he discovered the survivor personality.

Al Siebert is internationally recognized for his research of the inner nature of amazing survivors. He is quoted in many books, including Love, Medicine, and Miracles by Dr. Bernie Siegel. Dutch, German, and UK editions of his book, The Survivor Personality, have been published in Europe. Russian, Hebrew, and Chinese editions are in press.

Articles by him or quoting him have appeared in Nation's Business, Mademoiselle, Men's Fitness, The Wall Street Journal, Humanistic Psychology Newsletter, The Los Angeles Times, New Woman, Marriage, Professional Selling, Outdoor Life, bottom Line/Personal, Woman's Own, and Glamour. He has been interviewed about the survivor personality on dozens of radio programs, on the NBC Today Show, the Gayle King Show, and OPRAH.

Dr. Siebert speaks to many groups about "Thriving in Constant Change. quot; In 1993 he received the Oregon Governor's award for being selected as Oregon's "External Trainer of the Year."

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